Presentation college Windsor

Presentation college Windsor

The Festival of Vedic India Team were warmly welcomed at Presentation College Windsor by the staff and students. They invited us to present Henna Art as part of their Presentation Day and Carnival.

Our stall was brightly decorated with fragrant Garlands, Higher Taste books, and pictures of colourful Henna designs.

We had vibrant music (kirtan)school 3school 2 playing loudly in the background which everyone enjoyed and some students were even dancing enthusiastically to the music.

Our stall was constantly flooded with students and staff wanting to have various henna designs done. Some were attracted to our Higher Taste books and started talking about vegetarian cooking and its benefits. They loved the beauty, richness and fragrance of the garlands. The garlands were gratefully accepted.

The staff said they would like us to come back again very soon to present different aspects of our Vedic culture to their students.

We all had a really fun and enjoyable day.