What We Offer

We provide a wide range of workshops and activities to display and educate people of all ages about our ancient vedic culture. They include:

Vedic Indian Traditional Wear

This workshop gives a glimpse of the different Indian traditional wear worn in different localities for different celebrations and gives a background of these costumes. An interactive power point presentation and full dress up session gives the students a feel of the national costume.


Garland Making

Garland Making
This workshop gives an opportunity for the students to hear the special significance of flower garlands and their uses in the Indian tradition. There will be a discussion of the origin of the various types of garlands found in society and the various materials used to make them. We will explore in this workshop particularly flower garlands used for various decorative purposes. Students will get hands on experience to design and make their own garland.


Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and Meditation
Our yoga teacher will discuss the origin and history of yoga, which is one of the oldest forms of physical exercise, as well as the relevance of yoga in today’s society. The students will be taken through a journey of a variety of postures and meditation that will relax, refresh and energise them. Then the students will also take part in mantra meditation which helps bring one to come to a state of peacefulness.


Indian Music & Dance

In this workshop the presenter looks at the origin of music, different kinds of Indian & folk music, some musical classifications across the world, similarities of Indian & western music. Students also get a firsthand experience of various Indian musical instruments including harmonium, kartals and mrdanga. Simple dance steps will be taught to accompany the above musical instruments to a special Vedic Indian song called kirtan.


Vegetarian Indian Cooking

This workshop is an interactive session with a focus on healthy eating, vegetarianism and the importance of recycling. The presenter will also talk about the various spices used in Indian cooking. Everyone will get the opportunity to make and sample Indian cuisine.


Henna Art

The art of henna painting has been practised in various countries including India. It is traditionally practiced for weddings, and times of celebration. A power point presentation on this increasingly popular art discusses how to make the henna cone and its application. Students are shown how to create this beautiful art, and then will have the opportunity to create their own henna art design.


Festival & Culture of India

A colourful representation of the culture and festivals celebrated in various parts of India. Students will get an experience of creating Rangoli design using colourful rice.


Vedic Indian pastimes

This workshop looks at some Vedic Indian stories that have been passed down through many generations. The presenter will discuss the ways for people to live harmoniously via principles mentioned in the ancient scriptures call the ‘Puranas’. A short cartoon is shown to re-emphasise the moral of the story discussed. Children also have the opportunity to make badges out of the characters from the story.