Bestchance Kinder

Bestchance Kinder
The room was infused with the sound vibration of the Vedic Mantra as the children and parents came in.
Many parents commented on how calming they felt.
We were invited back the following week to present our Vedic India program to children of age group 4/5 years.
It was truly so rewarding to be given the opportunity to interact with children of this age group. They were
very enthusiastic to participate.
After a brief introduction we started our program this time with yoga. We noticed the children were quite
well coordinated when it was time to try out the various fun postures. They were quite interactive keeping our
yoga teacher entertained.
We later had a wonderful interactive power point presentation about our culture and festivals. We also had hands on
demonstration and participation of the mrdanga and kartals. Then it was time to teach the ever popular Vedic Mantra. The children
learnt the mantra word for word a few times before singing  all together using the instruments. They were very excited
to learn and sing, as i could see the seated children on the floor moving forward and surround me at the front to sing. One of the students
who appeared tired earlier on, asked “to sing the song again” once we had finished this segment. He said he “really liked singing this song”.
We were very pleased to hear that.
Then we showed the children the beautiful clothing and jewelry we had brought for them to try on. Most of the students got dressed while others were happy watching their teachers and class mates getting dressed.
We distributed some special Indian sweets and garlands to the teachers and students. They really loved the fragrant and colorful garlands. Some immediately wore the garlands around their neck while some used it to decorated their hair with it. The teacher was very impressed with our presentation and is looking forward to us coming back. She was so impressed that she told teachers of the other age groups in the same facility.
We felt very privileged to have had the wonderful opportunity to share our culture with these young people.
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